Private Messages from newly-joined members

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Private Messages from newly-joined members

Postby Petter » Thu Apr 21, 2016 10:34 am

Moderators of this Board continue to get messages from members who have only just joined or have made a low number of posts, and that is not the way it is meant to work!

That is, the purpose of this Board is to enable views to be obtained from a variety of different members, who will often be posting from personal experience. That is far better than getting the view of just one person, a Moderator, who may have no or little knowledge of the question(s) being asked in a PM.

Also please appreciate that the Moderators of the Board give freely of their time ..... they do not get paid ... and will often not have time to reply to PMs, especially those posted by newly-joined members or those who have made a low number of posts.


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