Overstayer applying for citizenship

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Overstayer applying for citizenship

Postby Daniel98 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:08 pm


Our time line is as follows (just want to be clear on the details in case i miss anything important!):

Applicant (my husband, then boyfriend) overstayed his visa March 2005 - May 2006. We left together, of our own accord, to return to South Africa on May 30th 2006, where he spoke to an immigration officer who made the following hand written note in his passport:


May 2006-Jan2007 Lived in SA, got married.

Moved to Ireland (from SA) Jan 2007, returned to UK in October 2008 via EEA FP via Surinder Singh (I am British).

Received his Residence Card 21/12/2009 - valid until 21/12/2014

Received his Permanent Residence Card 01/10/14 - valid until 01/10/2024 (when he renews again)

So.... to my point.... it is my understanding that if he were to apply before May 30th 2016, he would be refused naturalization on the basis of his overstaying?

However, if we apply on May 31st 2016 onwards, the 10 yr ban is no longer valid, is that correct?

and most importantly, where (as in which section) do we disclose his previous overstaying on the AN Form? We've been over it many times and I'm still not sure. I'm not sure if I've developed visa-form selective blindness at this stage :shock:

Thank you!


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