What are the benefits of a British citizenship over an Indian citizenship?

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Re: What are the benefits of a British citizenship over an Indian citizenship?

Postby katherinerdavies » Thu Apr 25, 2019 1:03 pm

At first, the Indefinite Leave to Remain not only grants you a British citizenship, but it is a form of permanent citizenship. This means that you may not only remain in the United Kingdom, rather you can also exit and re-enter any part of the United Kingdom on a regular basis. To the second part of your question which asks about Indian citizenship VS British citizenship. a) British citizens may enter about 172-173 countries without a visa or obtain a visa on arrival on the contrary Indian citizens who can only visit 52 countries without a visa. b) Obtaining a British citizenship will allow you the right to vote. Your British nationality will allow you to do jobs that do not accept foreigners outside the EU. Besides, you may study in any British university. You should keep in mind though, one wishing to receive British passport must have to give up Indian passport as Indian government does not allow dual citizenship while UK allows you dual citizenship. However, you will be eligible for an OCI card meaning Overseas Citizen of India which grants you a lifelong visa to India and every other right as an Indian except the right to hold an Indian passport.
The UK National Health Service is one of the biggest organisations in Europe. It provides all UK citizens with free healthcare and treatment. Moreover, The Pound is a fairly strong and reliable currency while the UK economy is quite resilient even in a period of world financial crisis. The UK has a stable government and a moderate population, where discrimination and sexual harassment for instance are illegal.


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