What is the easiest way to get citizenship in UK?

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Re: What is the easiest way to get citizenship in UK?

Postby account » Wed Mar 06, 2019 6:32 am

Choose your parents and your place of birth intelligently. By born in the UK to British citizen parents.
This is the most bulletproof, straightforward method.
Choose your parents intelligently. Beyborn out of the UK to at the least one well- documented British citizen parent & choose your grandparents intelligently.
By born in a commonwealth country to a well-documented child of a British citizen.
Plan your movements intelligently. Be legally present in the UK for purposes other than education for long enough to qualify for permanent
residence(indefinite leave to remain) and then to qualify for citizenship.
Plan your love life intelligently. Get married to a British citizen resident in the UK and ensure that the two of you, combined,
earn more than the threshold minimum income to qualify for a spouse visa.
Ensure your marriage lasts long enough (keep documentary proof) to select for permanent residence and then citizenship.
Plan your ethnicity, sexuality, and political leaning intelligently. Ensure that you are one of the well documented,
accepted lists of persecuted minorities, and claim asylum. Be a model refugee and follow all the (arbitrary) rules until you are selected for citizenship.


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