Which one is better: US or UK citizenship? Why?

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Re: Which one is better: US or UK citizenship? Why?

Postby mokoigun » Wed Feb 27, 2019 8:20 am

Since as, UK citizenship doesn’t carry automatic cost-free access to Britain’s Health Service, other State benefits or the right to vote: all these things are a period of residence. Currently in the EU, though possibly only in the UK if we’re unlucky or mad enough to leave the EU fully. And we won’t be that mad.
Nonetheless, if anyone has a choice between citizenship of the UK and US, choose for a UK passport wins hands down.

• The UK is completely flexible about dual citizenship with anywhere else
• Again supposed to be we have the sense to retain a semi-detached
relationship with the EU, UK citizenship carries with it the absolute right to live, and work anywhere else in the EEA.
• Slightly some of the countries are offering visa-free access to US citizens
than UK citizens.
• Really, It is the must be embarrassing having citizenship of a country which is such an institutional arsehole. The fetish around its dysfunctional Constitution, flag and almost-deified President are, sadly, hard-wired into the national psyche - and as grisly under the Dems as under the Republicans. The US might recover from Trump (himself the reason a number of my US friends have chosen to take UK citizenship): but it’ll probably never recover from its Constitution.
Issues such as consular protection are a wash: the “status” of the country immaterial.


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