Backdating rent increase

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Backdating rent increase

Postby AnthonyJ » Thu Apr 21, 2016 1:31 pm

Hi, I would really appreciate some advice regarding my commercial lease
I am renting a small unit and had a 1 years lease to start with. As the lease expired at the end of the 1 year term,
it became a periodic tenancy as I had no new contract issued. I mentioned to the landlord that I had all intentions of
continuing the tenancy.
9 months later I was issued with a new contract and failed to notice that the rent had increased by 20%.
Obviously, the figure I saw was the figure I had been paying for the last 21 months. I failed to notice that the figure
did not include vat.... which, to my mind was sneakily mentioned at the bottom of the page on the contract.

During the periodic tenancy of 9 months, I continued, or should I say, the land agents, continued to take the rent money
from my bank account and issued me with paid invoices for each month Everything seemed normal.

During the periodic tenancy, I received a letter from the land agents telling me that they had discussed the rent with
the landlord and are increasing the rent by 20%. This was never mentioned to me prior to this letter, surely, any
potential rent increase has to be discussed with myself included and also notified of this event before my 1st year tenancy ends.

Now my new contract has been issued, the land agents are demanding that I pay the increased amount of 20% backdating
it 9 months. from when my 1st years contract ended. I am somewhat angry over this as they have already had and accepted
my payments during the periodic tenancy.. Can they do this ?

I have offered to pay the shortfall from when the new contract was issued, but have refused to pay the previous 9 months
due to the fact that I was never involved in any discussions about rent increases and that they have accepted my rent

Really would appreciate any advice befor this ends up in court..


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