Who qualifies as a key worker?

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Who qualifies as a key worker?

Postby Petter » Fri Apr 29, 2016 3:14 pm

Key workers are people who work in certain public sector jobs, like NHS clinical staff, who are eligible for help to buy a home. Find out whether you qualify as a key worker.

Who is eligible to buy a home as a key worker

Key worker roles are certain public sector jobs based in England. You may be eligible for help to buy a home through one of the HomeBuy schemes if you are a key worker and you:

have a household income of 60,000 or less per year

are a first-time buyer

are unable to afford to buy a property that meets your households needs without help

are a homeowner who needs to buy a larger property to meet your households needs, eg a family-sized home

Key worker roles

To buy a home as a key worker, one member of your household needs to be working in one of the following roles:

clinical NHS staff (except for doctors and dentists)

teachers and nursery nurses in schools and further education or sixth form colleges

police officers, community support officers and some civilian staff

prison officers and some other prison staff

Probation Service staff

planners working in a local authority

firefighters and some other uniformed staff in Fire and Rescue Services

Connexions personal advisors employed by a local authority or a Connexions partnership

Armed Forces personnel and Ministry of Defence clinical staff, Ministry of Defence police officers and uniformed staff in the Fire and Defence Service
qualified environmental health officers/practitioners who work in a local authority, government agency, the NHS or other public sector agencies
Highways Agency staff in certain safety roles in the traffic officer service

social workers, nursery nurses, educational psychologists and therapists (eg occupational therapists) employed by local authorities, the Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service or the NHS
For more detailed information about the eligibility criteria for key workers, contact the HomeBuy agent for the area where you want to live.


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