Customer LTD comapny issues

Commercial law governs the rules which corporations and businesses much follow when making transactions, sales and purchases. Commercial law can cover a range of other legal areas too such as health and safety, employment, copyright and tax law.
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Customer LTD comapny issues

Postby AnthonyJ » Fri Apr 22, 2016 3:41 pm

Hi All,

One of our customers who is in contract with us via a LTD company is owned by a Parent Company which is another limited company of which has now been dissolved by companies house

dissolved via compulsory strike-off due to not filing annual accounts. The company who we are in contract with is also very late in filing accounts and will soon go down the same path as the Parent Company.

being that Parent Company is now dissolved so means there is legally no owners of the first LTD Company. is there any legal implications with contracts?

Thanks :)


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