Employment Law Guidelines

The Employment Law Forum is where to go if you have any type of work related issue such as a tribunal query, redundancy questions or unfair dismissal.
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Employment Law Guidelines

Postby AnthonyJ » Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:48 pm

All about issues arising from the workplace it covers all stages of employment and relationships between employers and employees. Employment law can cover issues such as terms of employment, redundancy, health & safety and trade unions. These areas mentioned could all require specialist solicitors or barristers – so it’s a vary big area with huge scope for specialisation.

Working in employment law you will usually need to decide which side you want to represent – the employer or the employee. For example, if you work for the Citizens Advice Bureau you will nearly always be working for the employee, but if you’re in a large commercial firm then you will probably only take on clients who are employers. So keep this in mind when considering where you want to take your training contract.


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