The Conversation of British Nationals and the EU

As you probably can guess, EU law looks at the legal elements of the European Union. The EU is capable of creating rights which can be enforced by citizens of EU member states.
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The Conversation of British Nationals and the EU

Postby abdulkadir » Wed Apr 10, 2019 6:12 am

With Brexit being a continued topic in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. British national’s find it extremely difficult to comprehend why the EU Regulations are much more-simpler to bring in their family members to the UK.
As a British national, to apply for your partner you are required to show earnings of £18,600, and more if you have dependent children applying too.
Whereas an EU national only needs to demonstrate they are either seeking work in the UK or are employed on minimum wage to apply for their partner and dependent children.
It has continuously been challenged that British nationals have far less rights when applying rather then others. Many activists have urged the Home Office to relook at the decision, and in 2018 a petition was raised to Parliament for the Home Secretary at the time to look at the matter.
The financial threshold being introduced in 2012, the Home Office announced in August 2018 – Third Party support, in which case based upon discretion certain cases where an applicant can be sponsored by someone else other then their British partner. This is still under scrutiny as many cases applied, case workers did not exercise discretion.


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