Family Law Guidelines

The Family Law Forum is where you can find advice on legal matters relating to family life, such as divorce, child related issues and cohabitation and prenuptial agreements.
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Family Law Guidelines

Postby admin » Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:41 pm

Family law involves a wide range of family related difficulties. Family law can include:

1. Divorce
2. Injunctions
3. Co habitation
4. Civil partnerships
5. Adoption
6. Child abuse
7. Domestic abuse

Family law also will have crossover with other legal areas such as property law (as in the case of co habitation) and criminal law (in the case of child & domestic abuse). Wills and trusts are also a big part of family law so again, there is significant crossover which requires a family lawyer to be knowledgeable of other areas of law. Experts such as psychologists and doctors will be consulted throughout family law matters; especially in relation to matters involving children.


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