How can I get landlord accreditation?

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How can I get landlord accreditation?

Postby Petter » Fri Apr 29, 2016 3:23 pm

Local authorities have long recognised the important role of the private rented sector in providing accommodation for a diverse range of households.

What is accreditation and what are the benefits for landlords?

Accreditation is a set of standards (or code) relating to the management or physical condition of privately rented accommodation. Landlords who join a scheme and abide by the standards are ‘accredited’. Accreditation schemes are voluntary. There is no compulsion for landlords to join, but there may be many advantages, including:

    the status of being publicly identified as a good landlord

      distancing themselves from incompetent or unscrupulous landlords

        the business advantage of advertising their accredited status to tenants who place emphasis on good quality and well managed accommodation

        Incentives offered vary from scheme to scheme but may include:

          a liaison officer who can help landlords to deal with any department of the local authority

            consultation on proposals that may affect landlords, such as changes to legislation or local housing strategies

              access to grants and loans to renovate properties to relevant standards set by the scheme

                advice on how to tackle anti-social behaviour

                  discounts and group purchase on goods and services such as property insurance

                  What benefits are there for tenants?

                  Tenants can benefit from knowing that if they choose to rent from an accredited landlord, the property will be in good condition and the tenancy will be managed to a high standard.

                  Who operates accreditation schemes?

                  Most schemes are run by local authorities – usually the housing or environmental health department.

                  Contact your local council for advice about accreditation schemes that may be operating in your area.


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