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Postby Petter » Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:48 pm

Is there a private forum I can post my question?

If not, here's the basics of stuff so far. I fled to Ireland after my daughter told me stuff, serious cause for concern stuff after a year half of asking husband to address certain behaviours. Husband has played the system, lied and fabricated all sorts. I wasn't notified of proceedings, he served papers to people I don't talk with. There's a court order to have her returned.

The police are well aware of the concerns, but insist, shes too young ( almost 3yrs ), a judge wont proceed with anything based on her statements to me, including a recording....the Police keep on searching/disturbing family homes saying they're looking for me, stating as i'm listed as a missing person they here to search the property. Some are intimidated to say no to them. ( I rang police Scotland 101 - stated I am not listed as missing )

I would appreciate some advice on how to get the order rescinded and should I apply for an emergency protection order. I have never accused anyone of anything. I have repeated what my daughter told me. No-one seems interested in helping because I have no entitlements to benefits, Womans aid said I'd be cheaper seeking refuge at a hotel costing 50.00 instead of the bill I'd receive from them. IHMO, the police are currently only interested in carrying out the court order. ( I have submitted an online report on Police Scotland website regards daughters statements )

So, if a child under 5yrs is needing protection in this country, their word means nothing and without obvious physical damage, the system can't protect her ......that's the impression i'm getting so far.

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Postby Daniel98 » Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:51 pm

Hello Petter,
Welcome to the Family Rights Group Parents’ Forum.

My name is Suzie and I am one of the Advisers at Family Rights Group. It is possible to send a private message on the forum but I will respond to your post here.

I am sorry that you find yourself in this difficult situation having moved to Ireland with your daughter. You have explained your reasons for doing so and I understand your wish to protect your daughter.

It appears that your husband has made an application to the court under child abduction law for the child’s return to her original country of residence.

Unfortunately, now that the court order for your daughter’s return has been made you are required to follow the terms of the order or you will find yourself in contempt of court. This could lead to you being arrested.

The issue of child abduction does not fall within our remit and I would advise you to seek urgent advice from a solicitor who specialises in Child Abduction cases. If you go to the Law Society’s website, find a solicitor, which will help you to identify a solicitor.

I suggest that you also look at the website here for more information about child abduction. They also have a list of accredited solicitors who do child abduction work.



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