Which is better, a UK Tier 4 student visa or a spousal visa?

Students wishing to study in the UK, can discuss from sponsorship to choosing a licence educational provider and switching within categories. There are a number of related changes and is one of the most complex based visa categories due to the continuous changes to the category applied by the UK Home Office.
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Re: Which is better, a UK Tier 4 student visa or a spousal visa?

Postby parikh » Wed Feb 20, 2019 11:19 am

They are both very different things Well a Family Visa has fewer restrictions and allows one to work and or study with the same rights as a person with ILR.
I worked in Immigration and whereas the FV is more flexible in the way of rights they’re extremely difficult to get even if one marries a British Citizen doesn’t mean you will get it.
I don’t know if your husband is stabled here you never said but like the other answer stated it will be even more challenging if he’s not here.
Get the right visa for your current position might be refused if not. If you really want to be a student get the Tier 4 for longer than 6 months and report a change in circumstances later on and apply for the FV.
Again if you’re not willing to be a student don’t get that because it will be refused don’t lie they’ll see right through it.

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Re: Which is better, a UK Tier 4 student visa or a spousal visa?

Postby rayonrashid » Wed Feb 27, 2019 8:29 am

Well, a Family/Spouse Visa has far fewer restrictions, you can work and study more or less on the same basis as a permanent resident.

However, they are much harder to get, even if you marry a British Citizen. You don’t say if your husband is currently settled in the UK, if he isn't it becomes even harder - if he is, presumably at the point you intend to settle.

If you genuinely intend to study in the UK you could get a Tier 4 and switch later (although the visa has to be for more than 6 months).

But there is a general rule that you should apply for the visa that correctly describes your intention. So if you have a husband in the UK and apply you for a student visa, UKVI may not be satisfied that you are a genuine student, and refuse.

Please consider carefully, and perhaps consult an immigration specialist.


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