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Administrative law guidelines

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:36 pm
by AnthonyJ
Administrative law deals with the decisions of public bodies and whether they have violated any rights which have been given to them by parliament. This process is usually done through judicial review where judges will review legislation (both domestic and international) and decide whether a body has acted in accordance with it.

As a general rule judicial review won’t question the way a public body has come to its decision as long as it has rationally taken all relevant considerations into account and is acting in line with legislation. Here are some examples of decisions which could be questioned:

Revoking a traders licence because a member of the local council doesn’t like the trader.
A council building a certain structure even though there is no legislation saying they can do so.

However there are strict criteria which need to be met in order to question a decision – it’s not possible to question any decision you want.